1 Billion euros claim from South Cyprus

With South Cyprus scrabbling for funds, claims are emerging against the TRNC for electricity supplied to it after 1963.

In a somewhat startling turn of events, the South Cyprus Electricity Authority has calculated that the amount of electricity supplied to North Cyprus from 1964 to 2012, including interest was worth just over 1 billion euros.

The head of the authority says that in 1963 the Turkish Cypriots voluntarily left their lands and villages and boxed themselves into enclaves. They did not allow Greek Cypriot officials into these enclaves so electricity and water meters could not be read.

However, the Cypriot authorities still allowed the supply of electricity because they were aware that there were thousands of Greek Cypriots still living in the “occupied territory” until 1974.

The Authority feels that as Turkey created the situation of partition, they should be invoiced for 1 billion euros. If they refuse, then this matter should be taken up with the EU.

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