19 yr old Turkish protester dies

A 19-year-old youth who was beaten by unidentified people in Eskisehir in protests on June 2 died from  his injuries today in hospital, a local daily has reported.

Ali Ismail Korkmaz, who was trying to escape a police tear gas attack, was brutally beaten by a group wearing civilian clothes, according to local daily ‘2 Eylul’.

Ali Korkmaz died today at around 11 a.m., the daily said. His assailants were not detained.

The university student is the fourth protester to die so far in the Gezi demonstrations, after Mehmet Ayvalitas in Istanbul, Abdullah Comert in Antakya and Ethem Sarisuluk in Ankara. Ayvalitas, 20, was hit by a car during the protests and Comert, 22, died after receiving a hit to his head. Sarisuluk, 26, died from his wounds on June 14 after being shot in the head.

Police officer Mustafa Sari also died after falling from a bridge while pursuing fleeing protesters in Adana.

The Gezi Park events, which have continued for more than a month, have also left dozens of people seriously injured due to the police’s heavy-handed attacks against demonstrations.

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