2,000 Exceptional Citizenships Have Been Scrutinised

The final stage of examining the issue of 2,000 exceptional citizenships granted during the National Unity Party (UBP) – Democratic Party (DP) coalition government’s term of office, has been reached, Minister of the Interior Aysegul Baybars has said.

She noted that, this month, a proposal will be submitted to the council of ministers regarding the annulment of those citizenships which are considered to be illegal and added that her ministry will take the advice of its legal department regarding cases where uncertainty exists. The minister pointed out that the number of illegal citizenships is known, however she refrained from revealing it.

Referring to the rural plots of land allotted by the previous government, Baybars said that intense demand continues for these plots of land and added that the applications regarding certain irregularities are being examined.

Yeni Duzen

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