2004 Annan Plan territorial adjustments no long apply

President Akinci’s Spokesman Barış Burcu has said that the territorial adjustments in the Annan Plan were no longer applicable.

Burcu’s remarks came in response to an earlier statement by Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis that the Greek Cypriot side was demanding more territorial concessions than envisaged in the 2004 Annan Plan.

Burcu who reminded that 12 years had passed since the Annan Plan had been put to the vote on both sides of the island said that it was impossible to expect the same plan to be implemented today.

Let alone giving away more territory than envisaged in the Annan Plan, it’s impossible to implement the plan under current conditions” he said.

Pointing out that life has carried on over the past 12 years, Burcu stressed that every day that passed in the absence of a settlement, was working against efforts to reach a comprehensive solution on the island.

The President’s spokesman also pointed out that it was out of the question to improve the Annan Plan so that it would address the concerns of only one of the two sides.

He said that any improvements to a similar plan must address the conditions of both sides.


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