No Solution to Cyprob Has Led to Poverty and Crime

North Cyprus News - Fikri Toros

Fikri Toros*, a member of the CTP, was interviewed by Yeniduzen about the current state of the TRNC and solutions to ongoing problems. He pointed to inflation as being the main driver of a failing economy. He also spoke about corruption in high places. Toros also referred to the fact that because the TRNC was […]

Cancer Treatment Needs Improvement in TRNC


Health records in North Cyprus¬† show that 700 people a year are diagnosed with cancer, Yeniduzen reports. This disease is the second most prolific in the world and the first in North Cyprus, President of the Association for Assistance to Cancer Patients, commonly known as Tulips, Raziye Kocaismail said. She said that there are two […]