Arrest Made After 1 Kilo of Drugs Discovered

North Cyprus News - police arrest

A 26-year–old individual only identified as O.P. was arrested following the discovery of a total of 1 kilo of assorted drugs where the person was residing in Kyrenia, Kibris Postasi reports. During a search carried out by teams from the Narcotics and Smuggling Prevention Directorate, 300 grams of mephedrone, 212 grams of cannabis, 10 grams […]

Turkish Cypriot Lawyer Wanted in South Extradited

Turkish Cypriot Lawyer - Akan Kürşat

Turkish Cypriot lawyer Akan Kürşat, who was arrested in Italy under an international arrest warrant at the start of January, will be extradited to south Cyprus, Kibris Postasi reports. Akan Kürşat, who has been under the international arrest warrant since 2007, appeared in court yesterday. He accepted the extradition order voluntarily. The Turkish Cypriot lawyer […]

Body Washed up on Dipkarpaz Beach

Beach - Dipkarpaz

A  body was discovered washed up on the beach on the northern coast of Dipkarpaz, Yeniduzen reports. The police stated that the body, which was found in the Inciler region at around 2.30 pm was so badly decomposed it was not possible even to identify the gender of the deceased. Last month, the body of […]