26% of police complaints involve violence against women

26% of all complaints to the police involve violence against women.

This astonishing statistic came from Pervin Gurler, the assistant to the Director General of Police.

She says that these numbers are based on an analysis of police records going back to 2010. Apparently of  545 incidents related to women, 419 were for violence.

Mrs Gurler said that the absence of laws for the protection of women had raised major issues. New laws needed to be put into place urgently. She said that the President’s wife had been in the lead in pushing for laws for the protection of children and that a draft law was currently being prepared.

Mrs Gurler was speaking at a seminar organised by the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association. She said that children were the future of the TRNC and they were being brought up by women. If these women were always submissive, they would raise submissive daughters.

She elaborated her statement by saying that a large number of cases would not have been reported to the police. However a large number of women had contacted her during her 40 years in professional life.

Mrs Gurler said that in Europe, women could get psychological help with their problems but that here in the TRNC, the pressure was to keep issues secret.

A recent report, however, states that a telephone helpline was recently launched.


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