New chapter for Turkey’s EU accession opens

After a five year hiatus in negotiations for EU membership, Turkey will be focusing on legislative reforms.

Chapter 17 on Economic and Monetary Policy opens on Monday, after the EU and Turkey signed an agreement to control the influx of refugees from Turkey into the EU. The deal opens one chapter and promises the lifting of visa requirements for Turkish citizens travelling in the EU.

Turkey’s government held a ‘Reform Action Group’ meeting on Friday, promising to continue the work necessary for visa-free travel for Turkish citizens to the Schengen Area as of October 2016. In this context, legal arrangements and operational steps required for the implementation of the EU-Turkey Readmission Agreement and the Visa Liberalization Road Map were discussed.

Describing the Turkey-EU summit in Brussels held on 29th November as “unique”, a Turkish EU Ministry press statement said that “A new period has started in Turkey-EU relations based on mutual trust. Turkey will decisively do its share by taking result-oriented steps in order to make good use of this period.” 


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