North Cyprus launches its latest tourism campaign in UK

The TRNC launched its tourism campaign in the UK on 28th December. Advertisements were placed in train stations, buses and taxis. The Tourism Ministry decided to make the North Cyprus brand better known as a tourist destination in 2016 in the UK, Germany and Turkey.

The campaign was launched firstly in the UK where 250,000 sterling was spent on advertising. Logos and photos of the advertisements were placed in the airports of Stansted, Manchester and Luton. Moreover, posters were placed in 130 London black taxis and in 200 double-decker buses. Speaking to ‘Kibris Gazetesi’, Tourism Minister Faiz Sucuoglu stated that the tourism campaign in the UK would end in February.

The paper also writes that 150,000 Euro will be spent on the campaign in Germany while 835,000 Turkish Lira will be spent for the tourism campaign in Turkey. The TRNC will also participate in a big tourism fair to be held in Istanbul on 5th January.

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Postasi’ newspaper reports that Sucuoglu said that he will head a delegation visiting Ankara in January where he will meet with officials of the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and with Turkish tourism operators.

Kibris Gazetesi, Kibris Postasi

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