Cypriot presidents disagree on territory discussion timetable

President Akinci has said that he wants the issues of guarantees, security and territory to be discussed at the end of the negotiations at a venue outside Cyprus.

According to Greek Cypriot government spokesman Nikos Christodoulides, President Anastasiades had explained the South’s position to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, when both leaders met with him on Thursday.

Speaking to Nicosia-based Radio Proto, the South’s government spokesman said,

“It is something our side disagrees with.  Just as all the issues have been discussed and progress had been made, the same must be done with the territory issue”. He added that discussion on the issue of territory had already begun.

Christodoulides said that no written reference had been made to villages, exchanges, or anything else.  However, he added, the Greek Cypriot side has submitted a substantial list of criteria that must govern the settlement of the territory issue.

Referring to some of the criteria, he said that included was the number of Greek Cypriots they hope will return to their homes irrespective of territory that will be returned.  He added that they have also included in their criteria the amount of religious monuments that will be given back, since they are of “special importance to the Greek Cypriots”.

The spokesman said that these criteria will help both sides come to an agreement on maps of the island.

Asked if anyone in Davos had made any financial commitment in support of a Cyprus settlement, Christodoulides said that nothing substantial had emerged during their meetings.  He added that, although the government had invited the IMF and the World Bank, the issue cannot be agreed on until certain elements are clarified at the negotiation table.

The two leaders meet again on 29th January.


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