South’s tripartite energy meeting should not be underestimated

TRNC Finance Minister Birikim Ozgur, has said that that the influence on the Cyprus problem of the tripartite summit held last week in Nicosia between South Cyprus, Greece and Israel is “important and serious” and should not be “skipped over”. Addressing the Assembly on Monday, Ozgur noted that the Greek Cypriots are cooperating with Greece and Israel to export natural gas together, adding that in their statements these three countries said that they are ready to cooperate with Turkey in this field.

Ozgur noted that North Cyprus should create a concrete and common policy with Turkey on this issue and the project of bringing electricity from Turkey via undersea cables should be discussed. Ozgur said it was “a precondition” that there should be discussion of an interconnected system and cooperation between North Cyprus and Turkey in this arena.

Referring to the issue of the water which has been transferred from Turkey to the North Cyprus through undersea pipelines, Ozgur said that investments are needed in order for the water to be used effectively and added that according to the TRNC’s constitution, the administration of the water belongs to the municipalities. He noted that they have explained this to Turkey and a model in which the municipalities will not lose out was discussed.

Kibris Gazetesi

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