3 in intensive care after Nicosia jail riot

Three prisoners ended up in intensive care following a riot at Nicosia Central Prison. Inmates on the rampage caused damage and at least three prison officers were injured.

Why the riots began is not yet known and authorities and have yet to make comment on the incident which occurred early Thursday.

But the fact that neither the Prison Service nor the police made any announcement regarding such serious disturbances is bound to raise eyebrows.

Nicosia Central Prison is the only correctional facility in Cyprus and it is run by the Cyprus Prisons Department.

In a separate incident, a 26-year-old prisoner was found hanged in his cell on Thursday morning, according to CyBC.

The man had been jailed for killing his sister by hitting her over the head with a laptop in the family’s Nicosia home last year.

The prison was built by former colonial ruler Britain in 1894, Nicosia’s Central Prison – Cyprus’ only correctional facility – is widely regarded as long overdue for demolition.

Chronic overpopulation and non-functional buildings have been a source of continuous concern for the justice ministry, which is now looking into the option of constructing a new facility on the outskirts of Nicosia.

The current buildings can only host around 350 inmates but in reality the number is more than double.

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