30 Million TL Granted to Health Services to Combat Coronavirus

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar

The government has allocated 30 million TL to use in the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Tatar has said.

Recent developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak in the country were shared at a press conference held at the Ministry of Health.

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, Health Minister Ali Pilli, Head Physician Adil Özyılkan at Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital and Director of Inpatient Treatment Institutions Cenk Soydan shared information about recent developments.

Prime Tatar said that as of March 9, when the first coronavirus incident was detected in the country, the measures taken by the government demonstrated the importance given to this process.
He said that it is the success of the people to keep the infection to a minimum. Tatar stated that the people had shown exemplary behaviour by respecting the rules and acting with a spirit of solidarity.

There are more things to do,” he said. “We have to maintain this awareness. Let’s continue to stay at home, let’s go out as little as possible”.

Noting that it is the government’s responsibility to bring TRNC citizens who are abroad for education or visiting with their families, Prime Minister Tatar said, “We are managing this process by ensuring that nearly a thousand citizens stay in hotels in quarantine”.

Cyprus News - Students Boarding Coach168 Turkish Cypriots arrived at Ercan from the UK this morning and were transported to Guzelyurt. They will remain in dormitories in quarantine for 14 days. The prime minister said that this was to be the last passenger flight to North Cyprus for the time being.

Tatar said, “We have to stop the arrival of passengers for a while following the suggestions of both the Scientific Committee and the Coordination Council. It is not easy to stay in those places for 14 or 21 days, but they must follow these rules recommended by the World Health Organisation to prevent contamination. We have to take these measures for their health”.

The prime minister also said that the government has allocated 30 million TL to be used to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Tatar said: “The government has allocated 30 million TL to the fight with Coronavirus. This resource was granted to the Ministry of Health”, he said.

He also thanked Turkey for its support. And congratulated all health professionals on the occasion of World Health Day.


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