4.5 Million TL Lying in Dormant Bank Accounts

North Cyprus News - Turkish LiraDetails of around 1,000 bank accounts that have not been touched for 10 years or more, worth a total of around 4.5 million TL have been published on the TRNC Central Bank’s website and in the Official Gazette.

Legal requirements mean that details of bank accounts remaining dormant for at least 10 years must be made public. A total of 15 banks submitted details for the annual list to the Central Bank for publication.

The 23-page document includes names, the amount of money and interest accumulated, account numbers and the banks they are held with and, in some case, the dates of birth, addresses and passport or ID card numbers of the account holders.

Topping the Turkish lira list is David Michael Taylor, born in 1975, who has 148,141TL, the equivalent of around £22,000 at current exchange rates, in an İktisatbank account which has stayed inactive since 2008.

The largest amount of untouched money, overall, has been lying in an account containing 38,119.27 euros belonging to one Ina Karola Fransızka. There has been no activity on the account since September 2005.

The highest single amount held in sterling is £27,889.30p, which is lying in a joint account in the name of a Turkish/Turkish Cypriot couple from Gönyeli, Lefkoşa.

What has happened to the account holders remains unknown. They may have died or moved abroad.

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