400 Greek Cypriots evicted from Turkish Cypriot properties in the south

Around 400 Greek Cypriot using Turkish Cypriot property in the south have been evicted after it was discovered that they were holding the properties illegally.

A further 100 evictions are expected, 110 of the properties are in Paphos where around 38% of Turkish Cypriot properties are being used as shops.

The question being asked is who signed the contracts with people who are illegally using the property and why the contracts were renewed when it was known that they were violating the terms of the contract, particularly when it related to sub-letting.

Most of the people occupying the properties are covered by contracts, so it makes the task of evicting them more difficult.

However, some of the rent money was recouped when one tenant decided to pay 20,000 euros in unpaid back rent to prevent eviction.

The mayor of Paphos, Phedonas Phedonos has made accusations of mismanagement and profiteering off the Turkish Cypriot properties. He has said he was willing to cooperate with the police on this issue.

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