41st TRNC International Fair opened

The 41st TRNC International Fair opened its doors on Friday evening. Over 120 companies, 30 from Turkey, are participating in this year’s fair, which has been set up at the Lefkoşa fairground.

The exhibits will remain open until the 18th June.

Speaking at the opening of the fair organised by the Ministry of Economy and Energy, Economy Minister Sunat Atun said that they have been working for 41 years to promote the country both politically and economically, as well as to further improve its industry.

Pointing to the support provided by Turkey for the development of the TRNC economy, Atun said that the 2010-12 economic programme had contributed greatly to the development of the real sector

That was when we switched to the era of sustainable development” he said, adding that the budget deficit had been narrowed as a result of additional austerity measures.

Also touching upon the issue of natural gas, Atun said that the TRNC was the sole authority on deciding how to use natural resources discovered within its own waters.

We cannot turn a blind eye to South Cyprus which has laid claim over natural resources over which the TRNC and the Turkish Cypriot people have a right too,” he said.

Minister Atun said that both he and the Turkish Minister of Energy Berat Albayrak shared the view that it was time to bring a drilling platform to the area.

Delivering the next speech, the Chairman of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce Mustafa Kaymak said that they were continuing efforts to increase production in the country and to export locally produced goods to foreign markets.

Following Kaymak’s speech, the message sent by the Turkish Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekçi was read out.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün underlined the importance of the fair for the country’s economy.

Stating that they were working hard for the removal of the unjust embargoes imposed on the TRNC on every platform, the Prime Minister said that the number of Turkish Cypriot firms exporting products to other countries was growing every day, despite the trade embargoes.

He said that they were expecting 100 thousand visitors to visit the TRNC fair this year.

The Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Sibel Siber, highlighted the importance of keeping up with the IT age and with technological developments.

The Prime Minister said that he expected 100 thousand visitors this year. But had this fair been promoted online I couldn’t imagine the number of visitors. All the firms should work on this issue,” she said.

The fair which will run through to the 18th June will be open between 7pm and 12 midnight on Saturday and between 7pm and 11pm during the week.


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