5000 thousand protest in Anatolian province

5,000 protesters demonstrated all night but saw their actions curtailed as police intervened with gas bombs and water cannons in the Central Anatolian province of Eskisehir, leaving three protesters, a journalist and a police officer injured.

Slogans like “everywhere Taksim, everywhere resistance” and “government resign” were chanted by the crowd in front of a mall called Espark in the city’s Eskibaglar neighbourhood.

The police’s apparently standard heavy-handed approach to crowd dispersal broke up the demonstrations. Nevertheless a group of 500 people stayed in the mall and blocked the way in front of it. The clashes lasted until 5 a.m. today.

Social unrest in Eskisehir has become all the more remarkable, since it lies in the Anatolian heartland of Prime Minister Erdogan’s main support. Protestors from this district have been attending Gezi Park protests across the country from the very beginning, following the Occupy Taksim movement.

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