53rd anniversary of the Erenkoy resistance marked today

The 53rd anniversary of the heroic Erenköy resistance was marked today with a ceremony at the Erenköy Martyrs Cemetery.

A handful of villagers and volunteers, mainly made up university students who had left their studies and took up arms, had put up a heroic defence in the village of Erenköy and surrounding areas against a battalion of Greek and Greek Cypriot National Guard soldiers.

Erenköy village was one of the few areas where Turkish Cypriots had access to the sea which was vital for supplies and weapons.

18 Turkish Cypriots were martyred in 1964 and 21 in 1974.

Dozens of people crossed over to the tiny enclave with buses in the early hours of the morning to attend the ceremony which began with a minutes silence and the raising of the flags to the national anthem.

President Mustafa Akıncı delivered a speech during the ceremony. The ceremony came to an end with a tour of the martyrs’ cemetery.


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