Head of Employers Union Blasts Government

North Cyprus News - Hasan Sungur
Head of Turkish Cypriot Employers Union – Hasan Sungur

Measures taken to counter the Covid-19 pandemic and to protect the economy have become very inadequate, head of the Turkish Cypriot Employers Union Hasan Sungur has warned.

He said that the infrastructure of the country would not last long in these conditions. 

Sungur said,From the very beginning of the pandemic, we warned the government, they listened to us, but unfortunately we cannot see any action when it comes to implementation and the country is rapidly sinking like the Titanic“.

Commenting on the increasing number of cases of Covid-19 coming into the country, Sungur said:

First of all, those arriving in the country should stay in a quarantine hotel until the test results are released……we can’t take chances every time. All incoming passengers should stay in quarantine hotels until their test results are released.” 

He also said visitors to North Cyprus should take out health insurance and some insurance companies are working on this issue. This would avoid the great burden being put on the state.

Sungur, referring to the economy, noted that decisions taken by the TRNC Central Bank need scrutiny. According to information he received, the TRNC Central Bank has five members, however only two have been in the country over the past months and are making the decisions. He said that this arrangement should be questioned.

Regarding the devaluation of the Turkish Lira, Sungur asked what measures the government had taken to alleviate the financial crisis the country was facing. The tourism sector and producers are facing very hard times, he said. How long can they last, he asked.

Sungur moved on to the real estate sector, pointing out that it is the only sector which is surviving, he said, “Unfortunately, the law on the Association of Realtors has not been passed. There are real estate gangs established by foreigners in Kyrenia. They work illegally and victimise people… ” he said.

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