6 kilograms of TNT in US Embassy bomb blast

The Ankara Governor’s Office said in a statement released on Saturday that the suicide bomber who struck the US Embassy in Ankara used 6 kilograms of TNT for the attack and also detonated a hand grenade.

The suicide bomber, identified as Ecevit Şanlı, a member of the far-left terrorist Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), killed himself and a Turkish security guard in the attack.

The statement confirmed that the attacker was sent to jail in 1997 spent four years in prison on terrorism charges before being released for a brain disorder contracted while on hunger strike.

The 40-year-old bomber killed himself and a Turkish security guard on Friday in an attack Turkish officials blamed on domestic leftist militants. It was the second deadly assault on a US diplomatic post in five months.

The statement said Sanli was arrested in 1997 for membership in the DHKP/C, and took part in a major hunger strike that led to the deaths of dozens of inmates.

The US flag at the embassy flew at half-mast and already tight security was increased. Police sealed off a street in front of the security checkpoint where the explosion knocked a door off its hinges and littered the road with debris. Police vehicles were parked in streets surrounding the building.

A woman journalist who was visiting the embassy on visa related business and who was badly injured in the blast remains in intensive care. She has suffered from a ruptured spleen and severe injury to her right eye. Surgeons said that she would need further operations on her eye and were not able to say if her sight in that eye could be saved.

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