6 Shootings in 6 Weeks


Mehmet Cakici, head of the Communal Democratic Party (TDP) has spoken out against the alarming increase in gun related incidents in the TRNC.

In the first six weeks of 2013 there have been six gun related cases including two murders, two suicides and two crimes that have left victims seriously injured. In all events, the firearms were found to be unlicensed and illegally owned, they also all used the same 7.65mm bullets.

There is now anxiety amongst citizens that these smuggled weapons are being used to settle disputes rather than using the process of law. A butchers shop in Famagusta has been fired upon twice – originally speculated to be an attack by a loan shark, although a close friend of the family has suggested that the attack was not linked to debts.

Mr Cakici has said that the government should be greatly concerned about the rise in firearms being smuggled into North Cyprus and that he wants an investigation into who is supplying the guns and how they are arriving into the country. He also stated that the TRNC needs an overhaul of the judicial system along with tougher punishments for illegal firearm possession.

north cyprus news - Mehmet Cakici
Mehmet Cakici
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