60 TRNC farms have brucellosis bacteria

It has been discovered that 60 farms in the TRNC have been found to have brucella bacteria in livestock and the disease is spreading because there is no money from the budget to fight the spread, TRNC daily ‘Kibrisli’ reported today.

The chairman of the union of livestock producers, Mustafa Naimoglulari confirmed the brucella microbe had been discovered on 60 farms and was critical of the state for not combating the disease. He said that blood should have taken from the animals for analysis to find out exactly which of them are contaminated.

In statements to the paper, the Minister of Agriculture, Onder Sennaroglu said that they have taken money from the UNOPS* to tackle the problem, but they could not eliminate the disease. He conceded that money could not be an excuse but it was very costly to deal with the problem. The minister added that resources were needed but at the moment there were none. He confirmed that they had applied to the EU for funding to deal with the problem.

Brucellosis is an infectious disease that occurs from contact with animals carrying Brucella bacteria.


Brucella can infect cattle, goats, camels, dogs, and pigs. The bacteria can spread to humans if you come in contact with infected meat or the placenta of infected animals, or if you eat or drink unpasteurized milk or cheese.

People working in jobs where they often come in contact with animals or meat such as slaughterhouse workers, farmers, and veterinarians, are at higher risk.

*UNOPS United Nation Office for Project Services

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