63rd Anniversary of Establishment of EOKA

Yesterday was the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of the Greek Cypriot far right terrorist organisation EOKA which aimed to annex Cyprus to Greece.

President Mustafa Akıncı touched upon the establishment of EOKA during a speech he delivered at a cultural event in Iskele on Sunday.

President Akıncı said the period of imposition and domination of one culture in a single geographic location remained in the past.

Stating that the 1st of April evoked something within the Turkish Cypriots, he said “the 1st of April 1955 was a date when the EOKA bombs exploded.”

This date was the start of an action supposedly against the colonial administration but in spirit aimed at unification with Greece. Why I wanted to remind you of this is because Cyprus had a multicultural structure during those times. There were at least two main communities and one of them was the Turkish Cypriot people”, Akıncı said.

Reminding that the Greek Cypriots tried to realize their dream of ENOSIS with the aim of making only one culture dominant on the island, he said based on what this date is, reminding of the period of imposition and domination of one culture on the island remained in the past.

Based on the date of 1st of April, I referred to this to remind the importance of existing on these soils in tolerance with each other”, the President said.

We can create a common future if only the Greek Cypriot administration realises that there is a community equal to them and if they agree to share power under equal conditions. It is never too late. However if it is left too late then the cost will be heavy”, Akıncı added.

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