7 Greek Cypriot Land Registry employees face investigation

Employees at the Greek Cypriot Land Registry Office appear to have landed themselves in hot water with the state, merely for suggesting to Greek Cypriots who inquired about selling their land in the North, that they try using the Immovable Property Commission in the TRNC to do so.

This news came from Socrates Hasikos the Greek Minister of the Interior during a radio programme this morning.

Apparently evidence gathered so far will be given to the Prosecutor’s Office to see if there are grounds for a police inquiry.

The Greek Cypriot government prefers that land owners wait for a solution to the Cyprus problem rather than claim compensation or sell their lands in the North. Despite this, Greek Cypriots do have the right sell their properties or lands in the North or to apply to the IPC for compensation for land/property which they owned there.

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