700 workplace accidents in three years

A lack of safety in the workplace and government inspections has led to over 700 accidents and 16 deaths in the workplace over the last three years, TDP Secretary Dr Suphi Hüdaoğlu has said, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

He accused the government of a lack of focus on the issue and of making excuses.

Hüdaoğlu went on to say that safety in the workplace was essential in every area, however, despite all the warnings and tragic outcomes, the government and relevant ministers had failed to perform inspections with the necessary diligence.

“If the necessary precautions are not taken thoroughly and the controls are not made, unfortunately the reality of the latest work accidents and deaths are evident,” he said.

Referring to the accident figures, he stated that this number is an indicator that the necessary precautions are not taken and inspections are not carried out. “We hope that this incident will be the last and that the required precautions and inspections are taken, decreasing the number of the accidents,” Hüdaoğlu said.

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