A muted Erdogan calls for all parties to act responsibly

Turkish President Erdogan has called on all parties to assess the results of the 7th June parliamentary election “healthily and realistically,” after no party gained enough votes to form a single-party majority government.

“I believe that the current situation, which did not permit any party to form a government on its own, will be evaluated healthily and realistically by all parties that have taken part in the race,” Erdogan said in a written statement issued on the presidential website on 8th June.

“The esteem of our nation is above everything else,” Erdogan said, adding that the high turnout at the polls showed the “precious nation’s determination for democracy and for reflecting its will at the ballot box.”

After a record turnout of 86% of voters, the AK party lost its right to rule as a single-party government.

An unusually conciliatory Erdogan called on all parties to act “responsibly” in the aftermath of the election, in which “a new process had started.”

“It is important for all political parties to show the necessary sensibility and responsibility to preserve stability and the environment of trust in the country, as well as the democratic gains,” he said.

Although the AKP still gained more than 40% of the votes, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) crucially managed to pass the 10% election threshold by receiving over 13% of the votes, sending more than 70 deputies to parliament and taking a share of the AKP’s seats.


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