Academics get half pay

Civil servants were not paid on Friday June 28th as due. The government stated that was because of technical difficulties and hoped that payments would be made today.

Prime Minister Sibel Siber in a press statement yesterday pointed out that the TRNC needed financial aid from Turkey every month and said that she would hold a press conference at 10 am today and also answer any questions.

Today, LGC news has learnt that staff at the East Mediterranean University (DAU) only received half pay for June.

DAU has been struggling financially for some time and has not paid national insurance or pension contributions on behalf of its staff for many months.

This morning the head of the university Dr Abdullah Oztoprak confirmed the half pay and said that this was because the government had delayed some payments to the university.

However the Minister of Finance denies this and says that all payments have been made and on time.

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