Accept TRNC proposal or come and negotiate: Eroglu

President Eroglu has sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Bank Ki-moon asking him to persuade President Anastasiades to either accept the last Turkish Cypriot proposal issued on 14th December, 2013 or to come to the negotiating table, without preconditions, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Postasi’ reported yesterday.

Eroglu’s letter, which was sent on Monday 20th January says that Anastasiades’ proposal for a brief joint statement was insincere. He added that it had been envisaged that the text would be short, however, the Greek Cypriots had weighed the statement down with specific issues, thus complicating the whole process.

Eroglu noted in his letter, that on the following day after his election as a Turkish Cypriot President on April 2010, he sent a letter expressing that he was ready to resume reunification talks from the point they were left off and confirmed that the talks would be about a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality as envisaged by Security Council resolutions. Eroglu repeated his accusations that President Anastasiades has not shown the same constructive stance and of putting off direct negotiations with a variety of excuses.

Eroglu also said that had they accepted a “food for thought” document that was prepared by the UN was which dated 7th October 2013 and that on 11th December, they accepted another paper also prepared by the UN. He reportedly said, in his letter, that the last Turkish Cypriot draft proposal (submitted on 14th December) had been prepared with the active participation and support not only by the UN, but also other important players including Turkey. He added that the last draft proposal of the Turkish Cypriot side was prepared in a spirit of reconciliation to address the concerns and demands of the Greek Cypriot side.

Eroglu argued that instead of accepting this gesture, the Greek Cypriot side had shown disrespect to the Turkish Cypriot proposal by openly ignoring the rightful concerns of the Turkish Cypriot side regarding vital issues.

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