Aegean Airlines flight to London aborted

A flight about to depart from Larnaca to London on Sunday afternoon was cancelled after crew on an Aegean Airlines plane found a note written by a passenger that was thought to be suspicious.

The note, written by a 21-year-old British national of Pakistani origin, read “if I die I die slowly.” It was discovered by the crew as the plane was taxiing towards the runway.

On being informed about the contents of the note, the pilot decided to abort the flight. After passengers and crew left the plane, police searched the aircraft for explosives but found nothing.

The young man was arrested and questioned, during which time, it was decided that a psychiatric opinion was required. A court order was obtained for this purpose.

After being assessed by a government psychiatrist, the decision was made that he should be admitted to a psychiatric facility in Athalassa, Nicosia.

The remaining passengers were flown to London on another flight.

Cyprus Mail

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