Aegean to close its Larnaca-Heathrow route

Aegean Airlines will be closing down their Larnaca-Heathrow route. A decision that has surprised many.

An official at Aegean Airlines has said the decision was because of the “very high cost” to the company when using Heathrow.

Aegean has been renting the timeslot from Virgin Airlines and reportedly, the rent is increasing annually.

The Greek airline company is looking at cheaper alternatives for its London routes and for other destinations because of the high demand for flights to the UK.

“This is why we made this decision,” Aegean Airlines official Roula Saloutsi said. “Of course, if things change in the future, then we could review the possibility of re-opening the route to London Heathrow.

It is not known when the route will close.

When national flag carrier Cyprus Airways went bankrupt in 2013, Aegean Airways filled the service gap by establishing a hub at Larnaca Airport and initiating scheduled flights to and from the island to a variety of destinations.

Cyprus Weekly

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