After the rains

There are distressing tales across the island after the heavy rains and flooding seen on Thursday.

In Kyrenia, the old harbour and approach roads are covered in mud and stones brought down by fast flowing streams, and roads and pavements have sunk, undermined by the rushing waters. The old harbour has lost a retaining wall. Albena Hotel, a student dormitory, was flooded as well as the central market, many homes and businesses.

Spillways built after heavy rains in 2010 helped control the rainwater flowing down from the mountains. Teams have been working hard all day to clean up the debris on the roads and spillways.

In Kanlikoy, the dam is now overflowing due to heavy rains and the feeder streams. The river there has already overflowed from its banks and flooded nearby houses. Now villagers are worried that the dam waters will continue to spill over into their homes.

In Karpas however the locals were delighted with the gentle rains that have been falling there the past few days. They say that the trees and crops will benefit greatly from the rains that came soon after the crop plantings.

The Department of Meteorology says that the rains have abated and that Sunday will be partly cloudy with no downpours predicted.

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