Agreement on territory is close: Anastasiades

An agreement on territorial adjustments for a new federal Cyprus is close, President Nicos Anastasiades said on Monday.

Both sides “are not far from concluding on territory, a big aspect of the Cyprus problem and an issue interrelated to properties”, he said.

Anastasiades has faced criticism because he will not be briefing the National Council, before returning to the Cyprus Summit in Switzerland to discuss territory with President Mustafa Akinci.

He will brief fully but separately, the leaders of political parties on Saturday, he said.

What counts is that the political leadership will be fully informed. I think that this is a more constructive process, as everyone will have the time to express queries, ask questions and submit suggestions”.

Anastasiades noted that he had requested a break in the negotiations at Mont Pèlerin because he had promised to brief the political leaders before he had held any further discussions on territory. This indicated his respect for everyone, he said.

Earlier on Monday, Anastasiades had a phone conversation with outgoing US Vice-President Joe Biden, who later, also spoke with President Akinci. Biden thanked Akinci for his positive attitude and leadership demonstrated by the Turkish Cypriot side in the negotiations in Switzerland, during the 20-minute phone call.

On Thursday, Anastasiades will fly to Athens to meet with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, before he reconvenes the summit with President Mustafa Akinci in Switzerland at the weekend.

Cyprus Weekly, Londra Gazete

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