Air traffic controllers may strike

Umbrella union – Turk-Sen Vice President, Arslan Bicakli has reminded the government that the ban on the 24 hour strike by air traffic controllers at Ercan Airport will end in 10 days and if the issue arises again, the only responsible body will be the government.

Bicakli declared that the problems of air traffic controllers have not been solved. He also warned that if no action is taken to solve these issues at Ercan Airport soon, then any disruption of services will be the government’s responsibility entirely. Bicakli also added that Turk-Sen members will support the strike if it does take place.

In November last year, air traffic controllers’ union, HTKS’ leader said that the morale of the workers was low because of the general economic climate and the holding back of promotions by the Public Services Commission. He said that the commission had not met for weeks as a result of the political conflict surrounding the Prime Minister. Higher training was not rewarded and that they were tired of being criticised by the South, when they were providing a service to professional standards. A further grievance was that the government appeared not to be listening or acting to improve the situation.

By March this year, the air traffic controllers’ union called for a 24 hour warning strike, saying that all they were given were empty promises by the government.  However, the government then exercised its power to delay the strike by 60 days.

The union agreed to abide by this ruling, but time is now almost up and they still feel that no action has been taken by the government and so, potential strike action is still on the cards.




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