Air Traffic Controllers to Strike on Monday

Ercan. - Air Traffic Control Tower

The Air Traffic Controllers Union (HTKS) has announced plans to commence a general strike at 10 am and to gather in front of the Prime Ministry at 11am on Monday, in support of a protest organised by livestock breeders and public sector unions, Yeniduzen reports.

 In their statement, the union criticised the UBP – YDP – DP government for attempting to remedy the consequences of its flawed policies with external solutions, while simultaneously benefiting green capital and its allies.

 The union stated, “We no longer wish to see you in power“, and further added, “We reject an external solution for the UBP-DP-YDP problem imposed on us. We seek a government structure devoid of these anti-people parties, one that protects workers, producers, and the oppressed against capital and employers”

The statement emphasised, “For these reasons, we will support the social protest on Monday, May 27th, by starting an all-day strike at Ercan Air Traffic at 10 am and assembling in front of the Prime Ministry at 11am”.

Meanwhile, in a separate article, Yeniduzen reported yesterday that on the fifth day of the livestock producers’ protest in front of the Prime Ministry, police issued traffic fines to both the tractors and the vehicles of journalists, escalating tensions. 

Speaking to Yeniduzen about the 1,379 TL fines given to all vehicles, Cemal Darbaz, a board member of the Livestock Producers and Breeders Association, remarked, “This is unprecedented. They fined us without any prior warning. This is clearly an attempt to provoke us. Let them do their worst”. Darbaz added, “Following our press release, they fined us simply because the unions backed us. We will pay this too, it’s not an issue. We are already paying, while they are the ones benefiting”. 

The police issued these fines right after the unions announced their support for the livestock producers’ protest and the general strike scheduled for Monday.


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