Air Traffic Controllers’ Union Orders Strike Action

Saturday, 26 March 2022.

North Cyprus News - Ercan Air Traffic Control Tower
[Air Traffic Control Tower – Ercan]
The Air Traffic Controllers’ Union announced that they would hold a 21-hour warning strike at Ercan Airport on Friday evening. The Council of Ministers banned the strike. Prior to the ban, a plane due to take off at 21.50 was delayed by two hours and departed at 23.50 instead, Yeniduzen reported.

The union cited late payments for overtime and non-payment of the per diems to the officers who were in training.

The union issued the following statement: 

We are trying to accustom our people to the hikes and famines caused by the wrong policies of the current government.

“Not a day goes by without a raise in basic consumer goods. In the created situation, it is obvious that the salaries of the employees are diminishing day by day.

“Under current conditions, it is essential to protect the salaries of employees against inflation. In this context, the Air Traffic Controllers’ Union launched a 23-hour warning strike from 25.03.2022 at 21:20 until 26.03.2022 at 20:20 in order to fulfil the following demands. Our demands are as follows:

“Applying a cost of living increase to employees’ salaries every two months.

“Determining the minimum wage every two months and preventing it from diminishing in the face of inflation

“Paying the debts of the state to the employee (the per diems of the personnel abroad, the receivables of the extra-employed personnel) without further delay”.


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