Airline boss pays £23k pm rent for Asil Nadir

Asil Nadir has appeared at the Compensation Court where the prosecution has demanded that he repay back £60 million. Mr Nadir claims that he does not have any money and is relying entirely on friends and family to provide him with funds for living.

Yesterday a businessman friend of Nadir, Mr Hamit Bagana, was in Court declaring that he had so far paid out £4.3 million, including rent of £23,000 per month to keep Mr Nadir, who he calls a “national hero”, in the style he once used to enjoy. Mr Bagana, the joint owner of Turkish airline Onur Air, is currently trying to recover the £250,000 bail security he deposited for Mr Nadir to return to the UK. Further, he claims that he never received any gifts from Mr Nadir in the past and was only a good friend. The trial continues.

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