Airline pilot collapses at Ercan

A major incident on Turkish Airlines flight TK 967 leaving from Ercan for Istanbul, occurred last night.

The flight was due to leave at 7.30 pm yesterday evening. As passengers passed through security checks and passport control at the airport, they made their way to the cafeteria. There they noticed that inside the terminal building, a pilot had fainted and fallen to the floor.

At 7.15 they were called to board their flight. After half an hour all the flight preparations had been completed and they were expecting take-off. However there was an announcement from the captain that the flight would be delayed because of a technical error.

A number of passengers began to voice their concern over the pilot they saw fainting in the terminal earlier on.

At that stage that same pilot, the captain, came out of the cockpit and announced to the passengers that his health was fine and that there were no issues. However, he then fell to the floor and reportedly had a second epileptic fit.

Health officials were called in and they requested that all passengers leave the plane. The captain was then taken away by ambulance to hospital.

Eventually all passengers completed their journey on another flight.

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