Akinci addresses International Socialists in New York

President Mustafa Akıncı delivered a speech at the Socialist International meeting while in New York.

During his speech at the Socialist International meeting which took place within the framework of the 72nd UN General Assembly at the UN centre, the President emphasized once again that the opportunity that emerged after several years of negotiating had once again been wasted due to the Greek Cypriot side’s stance at the Cyprus talks.

Noting that the Turkish Cypriot side had always been sincere during the Cyprus talks and within the framework of political determination had tried to contribute positively to the talks, President Akıncı added that unfortunately the Greek Cypriot side hadn’t shown the same determination.

Explaining that if a solution had been reached at the Cyprus talks this would not only create new cooperation opportunities for the two peoples on the island but for the people of bordering countries as well.

Reminding that the Cyprus negotiation process had begun close to 50 years ago in 1968 in Beirut, President Mustafa Akıncı said that without attaining any results it is not possible to waste another 50 years searching for a solution.

Noting that it had become evident that results cannot be obtained at the talks while using previously tried methods, the President pointed to the importance of using a new understanding and method at the Cyprus talks.

Also referring to the upcoming elections in South Cyprus in February 2018, President Akıncı said that it was not possible to create an atmosphere for the talks during this time.

He also explained how the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres had presented the two sides with a framework in order for the two sides to overcome their differences but added that although the Turkish Cypriot side had presented their proposals within this framework their collocutors had not stayed within this framework.

“The Turkish Cypriot side has always positively contributed to the talks and tried to establish coherent ties with the world but in order for this to happen the ridiculous obstacles placed in front of the Turkish Cypriot people must be removed” said the President.

He reiterated once again that it was the Greek Cypriot side that had prevented an agreement being reached despite all of the significant progress that had been achieved at the talks.

He added that the Greek Cypriot side is not ready to share political equality with the Turkish Cypriot side.

After the meeting, President Mustafa Akıncı held a tete-a-tete meeting with the Socialist International President George Papandreu.

During the meeting it was agreed that from now on Papandreu and the Socialist International will be in contact with President Mustafa Akıncı.

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