Akıncı addressed the nation on Republic Day

Official celebrations of the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus started with President Mustafa Akıncı’s address to the nation which was broadcast on Bayrak Radio Television.

President Akıncı touched upon Cyprus’s history and the Cyprus issue by evaluating the Mont Pèlerin Summit.

He said that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus had emerged when the Turkish Cypriot people used their right to self-determination after being forced out of the partnership state.

The Turkish Cypriot people had openly stated that they were open to an equal federation with its declaration of independence that was issued during its establishment.

Akıncı noted that during the Cyprus talks up until now a federal solution had not been agreed upon.

He said the time has come to end the Cyprus problem that has been ongoing for half a century and added that the Cyprus negotiations cannot continue for another 50 years.

With this aim we have been in close contact with Turkey for the past year and a half and now we are closer to the decision making process”, said Akıncı.

He said that they will continue to work on the Cyprus issue but they will continue to use all their power for the prosperity of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


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