Akinci and Erdogan make statements after meeting

President Akinci speaking after his meeting with Turkish President Erdogan said that Turkey supported the establishment of a federative structure and had shown this in 2004 as well as in 2014.

He said that it was the 41st anniversary of the 20th of July and if it had not been for the 15th of July [attempted Greek coup] there would not have been the 20th of July. He said he hoped there would not be a repeat of this history and wanted to see the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean as a place of peace.

President Erdogan in his speech, firstly condemned the attack in Sanliurfa in south eastern Turkey, where 28 people lost their lives today after a bomb explosion. He said he had heard about the report as he was boarding the plane and noted that the Prime Minister had gone to visit the area.

Erdogan indicated that he and Akinci had had the opportunity to discuss the ongoing talks and hoped this opportunity for a settlement would not be missed. Erdogan said that the Annan Plan had been a hope; as a guarantor country, he said Turkey was prepared to do what was necessary and noted that as the Turkish Cypriot administration and as Turkey – ‘motherland and child’ they would continue their work.

On the water project, Erdogan said that once the water comes it will make life easier for the TRNC.

Kibris Postasi

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