Akinci and Tatar in Public Row Over Cyprob

President Mustafa Akinci and Prime Minister Ersin Tatar have had a very pubic battle as to how to deal with the Cyprus issue.

Prior to Akinci’s departure for New York, Tatar said that President Akinci’s had the wrong policy on the Cyprus question and he was seeking ‘new adventures’ by entering into new negotiations with Greek Cypriot community leader Nicos Anastasiades, with only the support of marginal minority groups in the TRNC.

Akinci replied that “he represents the Turkish Cypriot people in the TRNC which constitutes the great majority which is in favour of a federal solution in Cyprus”.

North Cyprus News - Mustafa AkinciIn statements on Facebook, Akinci said the following: “Our goal is a bi-zonal federal solution in Cyprus, with two founding states based on political equality. And what Mr. Tatar calls adventure, we do it with the people’s support. What Mr. Tatar calls ‘marginal minority groups and Akinci’s friends’ are the greatest majority of the Turkish Cypriot people. Those who cannot see this reality today, one day they will see it”, Akinci said.

In turn, replying to Akinci’s above statements, Tatar accused Akinci of engaging in demagoguery, alleging at the same time the following: “Contrary to what Mr. Akinci alleges, our opinion is that the great majority of the Turkish Cypriot people want the continuation of Turkey’s active and effective guarantees in Cyprus and is against any solution which would envisage making concessions on the territory issue and returning a lot of land including Guzelyurt/Morphou and Karpaz”.

On the same issue, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Gunes’ reports that the National Unity Party (UBP) in a written statement yesterday, expressed worries on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot people over President Mustafa Akinci’s wrong stance on the Cyprus problem, asserting that Akinci is looking for adventures on the Cyprus problem if entering to a new negotiation process with Anastasiades.

The UBP further stated that it is very natural for Prime Minister Tatar to warn Akinci against the policy he follows on the Cyprus problem and especially prior to his departure for New York. The UBP recalled that in the past, it was Akinci  who “submitted a map for the return of Guzelyurt/Morfou to the Greek Cypriots” without first informing the assembly.

Vatan, Gunes

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