Akinci and Turkish FM hold press conference

President Mustafa Akinci and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu held a press conference yesterday following a one and a half hour meeting at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia.

President Akinci said that he was very pleased with the meeting and that together, they had assessed the progress of the Cyprus negotiations.

He added that the Cavusoglu had also briefed him about his recent meeting with the Greek Foreign Minister.

The goal is to hold a three-party meeting in New York and then hold a Birkenstock model quintet meeting. Progress has been achieved so far but there are still difficulties” said Akıncı, expressing the need for more progress in order to reach a positive outcome.

We are in a historic process. The target is a solution in 2016 is. Turkey is also supporting this target. We should abstain from actions which will prevent us from reaching this target. For example, the exploitation of natural gas” said Akıncı.

The President also urged the Greek Cypriot side to take steps without domestic political considerations.

In this sense, we hope to establish a bi-zonal federal state approved by the people and based on freedom, equality, security and political equality. We are working for an agreement which will receive a yes vote in a referendum” said Akıncı, stressing that security; freedom and equality were for both peoples on the island.

Akıncı also said that they have been working in a good will and were expecting the Greek Cypriot side to adopt the same approach.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said “We are at a critical stage in the negotiations process. These meetings are important. We expressed full support to the negotiations. We remain committed to the 11 February 2014 framework.”

Pointing out that Ankara will continue to give the same support during this critical stage, Cavusoglu underlined importance of exchanging views when dealing with the tougher issues of security, guarantees and territory.

We are working towards achieving a comprehensive peace and solution on the island. We are ready to provide every support. We want a tripartite and a quintet meeting to be held. We are saying that this opportunity should not be missed this time”, said Cavusoglu.


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