Akinci angers Erdogan

Newly elected President of the TRNC Mustafa Akinci has incurred the anger of Turkish President Erdogan.

Akinci has said that he wants Turkey to re-think its relationship with the TRNC. “It should be a relationship of brothers/sisters, not a relationship of a motherland and her child,” he had said.

Erdogan when asked for a response by a journalist replied; “Do his ears hear what he says?”

“Even working together as brothers has its conditions. We paid a price for northern Cyprus. We gave martyrs and we continue to pay a price,” Erdogan said on Monday.  “For Turkey, northern Cyprus is our baby. We will continue to look at it the way a mother looks at her baby,” he added.

Akinci whose live interview with CNN Türk television was interrupted by Erdogan’s press conference.

After listening to Erdogan’s words in the studio, Akinci stressed on air he had been elected president by the Turkish Cypriots. “Doesn’t Turkey want to see its baby grow up? Should we always stay a baby?” he asked, stressing he stood behind his words, which were “heard not only by [his] ears, but uttered by [his] conscience, heart and brain.”

Akinci then cut the interview short, saying he had to answer a phone call from Erdogan.

After speaking with President Erdogan, Akinci made a press statement and noted that the atmosphere of the conversation was “friendly” and that he had explained to Erdogan that he was elected as president in a democratic way and that everyone should respect the will of the community.

Akinci also said Erdogan had asked him if he would follow tradition and visit Turkey and Akinci answered: “We will visit if there is an invitation”.


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