Akinci beginning to sound like me: Eroglu

Former TRNC President Derviş Eroglu has argued that President Akinci has begun talking like him. Speaking on Genc TV, Eroglu said that the Greek Cypriots had made “excessive demands” at the negotiating table and they will not accept a solution as long as these demands are not satisfied. He further called on Akinci to see observe the “delaying tactics” of the Greek Cypriots and convey the “realities” to the people.

Referring to the tripartite meeting with the UN Secretary-General in New York, Eroglu said that he was not expecting anything from this meeting, because he knows the Greek Cypriot side and predicted what it would do. Akinci has created great expectations in the people and is disappointed, because now he seems to better understand the Greek Cypriot side, said Eroglu.

Asked to comment on the statements made by Akinci that “if a solution is not reached by the end of 2016 other alternatives will come onto the agenda, that the only port [for the Turkish Cypriots] to take refuge in is Turkey and that without the rotating presidency and Turkey’s guarantees there could be no solution”, Eroglu said:

It means that Akinci has started talking like Eroglu. However, when I was saying these things, those who pretend to be supporters of the solution attacked me by saying ‘Eroglu does not want a solution’. Are they going to attack Akinci now? Mr Akinci wants a solution. Everyone wants one. I signed the joint Declaration on 11 February 2014 with Anastasiades, but those who pretend to be supporters of the solution attacked me again. They have always blamed us. However, it is totally wrong to divide our people into those who want a solution and those who do not and this is harming us. It means that as long as his term in the presidency advances, his vision improves”.

Replying to another question, Eroglu argued that the Turkish Cypriot side should definitely succeed in the creation of a timetable and both the UN and the international community should help the Turkish side on this.

Asked whether they should be working towards the recognition of the TRNC if the Greek Cypriots do not accept an agreement, Eroglu asserted: “Recognition is a matter of time. However, what should be done is that everyone, both the right-wing and the left-wing supporters defend the state and demand the lifting of the embargoes implemented on us by the world by the demand and pressure of the Greek Cypriots.”

Replying to a question on the guarantees, Eroglu said that during his presidency, Turkey had not taken one step backwards on the issue of its “effective and active guarantees” for the entire island and added that the unilateral military intervention right is of vital importance for the Turkish Cypriots. He also noted that they should not give concessions on the issue of the rotating presidency.

Referring to the property issue, he said that accepting the “emotional bond” element was a mistake, because a person who had lived for in a property for ten years is given priority over a person who has been living in it for 42 years since 1974. He added that the title deeds granted by the TRNC are under the state’s guarantees and no reversals could be made on this issue.

Regarding the issue of hydrocarbons, Eroglu further stated that President Anastasiades should be reminded of the fact that the Turkish Cypriots will take parallel steps to the ones to be taken by the Republic of Cyprus and should “definitely respond to the tricks of the Greek Cypriots”.


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