Akinci briefs Assembly on latest developments in the talks

President Mustafa Akinci briefed all political parties at the Assembly about the latest stage reached in the Cyprus negotiations.

Leader of the Republican Turkish Party Mehmet (CTP) Ali Talat, the National Unity Party General Secretary Dursun Oguz represented the UBP leader Huseyin Ozgurgun who is currently abroad, Democrat Party National Forces leader Serdar Denktas Social Democratic Party leader Cemal Ozyigit and other representatives participated in the briefing.

Making a statement after the two hour meeting, UBP General Secretary Oguz said that this meeting was held within the framework of routine meetings with the president where they were able to exchange views.

The leader of the Democratic Party National Forces Serdar Denktas said that during the briefing they had discussed the progress and stumbling blocks in the talks and the requests they had made. “As these negotiations are continuing, an agreement that is acceptable by the two sides becoming primary law is very important to us and we have emphasized this once again. If this doesn’t become EU primary law and this agreement is accepted at a referendum, then all the problems we have warned about previously could become a reality, including the guarantees”, Denktas said.

The leader of the Social Democratic Party Cemal Ozyigit for his part said that due to the upcoming election in South Cyprus, the negotiations had slowed down and added that the process would carry on, mainly with preparatory work.

The leader of the CTP, Talat also noted that the Cyprus negotiations has slowed down due to the election in the South but added that currently there were no dead ends at the talks. “It is the Turkish Cypriots side’s aim to speed up the talks after the election has been concluded and find a solution to the Cyprus problem within the year”, said Talat.

He noted that the Greek Cypriot side did not want the agreements reached at the talks to be written down because if the agreed points are leaked, then this will be understood to be a partial agreement. The CTP leader said that the Greek Cypriot side believes that the points agreed will have international value and will conflict with the principle of ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’.


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