Akinci briefs Assembly on the negotiations

President Mustafa Akinci held a lengthy briefing session on the Cyprus negotiations with the Assembly last week. In statements after the seven-hour-closed-door session, Akinci said that their aim is to hold a referendum which will satisfy all parties and that the people will vote “yes” with “a clear conscience”.

Akinci noted that he is not conducting the negotiations alone, but together with the Assembly, the government, the political parties and civil society. He said that he will continue on in this vein and on Tuesday he will brief the civil society organisations on the negotiations.

Referring to the briefing of the Assembly, Akinci described it as a “long and useful meeting”, adding that he shared developments with the political parties and they had exchanged views.

Speaking after the briefing, Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber said that their aim is for the Turkish Cypriots to gain, with the solution of the Cyprus problem, a brighter future.

The leader of the Democratic Party/National Forces (DP-UG), Serdar Denktas noted that they expressed their views during the briefing and these views have been noted in the minutes. “As DP-UG we do not feel at ease”, he commented.

Huseyin Angolemli, representative of the Social Democracy Party (TDP) said that the people have some concerns on the property issue and added that no agreement has been reached yet between the sides on this issue. Recalling that the sides are now determining the criteria, Angolemli noted that the people should not be worried.

Referring to the issue of governance and power sharing, Angolemli said that great progress has been achieved on this issue and added that there is 80% agreement on this chapter.

He added that the course of the negotiating process is good.

Finally, Ferdi Sabit Soyer, deputy of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), said that Akinci had given the Assembly important information and that the meeting was useful and contributed to the creation of a “common consensus”. Soyer argued that the developments in the area show that power relations in the eastern Mediterranean will change and pointed to the importance of reaching a mutually accepted solution to the Cyprus problem in this situation. Soyer expressed the belief that a “fruitful result” will be achieved.

Kibris Gazetesi

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