Akinci Calls for Common Sense and Unity

President Mustafa Akinci, commenting on the attack on the offices of Turkish Cypriot newspaper ‘Afrika’ has said that “It is not possible to correct wrong ideas with the wrong actions. On the contrary it creates widespread unrest. For that reason, I know it is my duty to warn our entire community. At a time when we need common sense and unity, unfortunately we are drifting towards a very dangerous crossroads”, he said.

The inflammatory headline of ‘Afrika’s’ Sunday edition accused Turkey of launching another invasion in reference to its military action in Afrin, Syria.

Turkey was obliged to take measures, the president said to protect the Turkish Cypriots during the days of the Enosis campaign in Cyprus. On July 20, 1974, the Turkish Armed Forces carried out a peace initiative after the attempted coup by Nikos Sampson and the Fascist Greek Junta on 15 July.

If it were not for 20 July, Cyprus would have turned into a Greek island, and Turkish Cypriots would most likely have become a Turkish minority as in Western Thrace,” Akinci said. Calling Turkey’s rescue operation an “occupation” was unacceptable, he said.

Referring to the framework of the Annan Plan 2004 and the Crans-Montana Cyprus Conference in the summer of 2017, he said that an ‘invader’ would not willingly offer to reduce its troop numbers in the interests of peace negotiations, Akinci noted.

Kibris News Agency

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