Akinci calls for peaceful solution to Cyprob

President Mustafa Akıncı touched upon the Cyprus issue during a speech he delivered at the 9thOnce Upon a Time Lurucina (Akincilar) Festival yesterday.

Stating that human tragedies were being experienced everyday in the geography close to Cyprus, particularly in Syria, Akıncı reminded that Cyprus had experienced similar pains in the past.

He added that they did not want a war to break out in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The President also allegorically expressed the need for peace in Cyprus and said “there is a need for peace songs in the Eastern Mediterranean, not the beat of war drums. The UN must act as a conductor.

Instead of war drums or janissary marches we want peace songs and ballads of friendship in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Akıncı stressed.

Stating that peace songs could not be monophonic and that peace songs and friendship ballads should also come from the South, he said “the guarantor powers should also join these peace songs and the UN should work as a conductor in order to achieve progress.”

The President also expressed his views regarding what was needed to be done by the Greek Cypriot administration in order to achieve a better island.

Our hand extended for peace and a solution hand is left hanging in the air. We wait from them to hold this hand, respond positively and constructively and to sincerely join us in singing peace and friendship songs until July. Then, it will be possible to reach better days on this island,” Akıncı said.

As the Turkish Cypriot side, we are not only protecting our rights at the table but we are also pursuing the rights of the Greek Cypriot people” Akıncı said, adding “we are taking steps for peace without hesitation. We proved this in Mont Pelerin and Geneva. There are some steps which the South should also take. They should stop making rotating presidency an issue of conflict and accept our effective participation in the decisions.


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