Akinci commends repair of relations between Turkey and Israel

President Mustafa Akinci commenting on the normalisation of bilateral relations between Turkey with Israel and Russia, stated that this development is very important both for Cyprus and the region.

Akinci, who issued a written statement said that in case a solution is reached in Cyprus, transporting the region’s natural gas via Turkey was the most feasible option.

Evaluating the agreement reached between Turkey and Israel as well as Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia, Akinci said that the normalisation of relations with both countries was a welcoming development, not only in terms of bi-lateral relations but also for the region which was struggling with greater problems.

More importantly the normalisation of Turkish-Israeli relations brings with it new opportunities for cooperation regarding the natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean which I attach great importance”, said Akinci.

As the president, who conducts the negotiations on behalf of the Turkish Cypriots, my priority is to achieve a federal settlement in which the two peoples on the island can live in equality, freedom and security. I would like to underline that we must always keep in close perspective the benefits and contributions such a solution will bring for regional stability”, he said.


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