Akinci counters reports in the Greek Cypriot press

After the publication of detailed reports in the Greek Cypriot press concerning the agreements reached in the Cyprus negotiation, President Akinci spoke at length this time.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’, Akinci said that the concept of the TRNC and the concept of the Republic of Cyprus are not included in the negotiations. “There is a reference only to the new federal structure to be as ‘United Cyprus'”. All the citizens of the TRNC who are registered at the ‘civil registry department’ of the Ministry of the Interior, who have the TRNC’s identity card, no matter what their origin, will become citizens of the federal Cyprus and automatically EU citizens, the day after the solution”, Akinci said.

Additionally, on Monday, Bayrak television reported that President Akinci also said that after the tripartite meeting in New York is completed and he has completed bilateral contacts, he will re-evaluate the situation and try to arrange a five-party meeting [to include the three guarantors].

If we want to reach an agreement then everyone should understand that there is no point in delaying this. I have emphasised on many occasions the dangers that come with the Cyprus negotiations process being dragged into 2017”, Akinci said.

He reminded that although important developments had been made on the first four chapters during the Cyprus negotiations, there are still some points of divergence but added that most of the topics that the Greek Cypriot side claim are still not completed are only technical issues.

It is vital that political issues and technical issues are not compared to one another. The drawing up of founding state constitutions and federal state laws can drag on into 2017 but we must facilitate a political solution by the end of 2016. In order to do this the Turkish Cypriot side, is determined to work intensively and has the will to do so”, he said.

Upon being asked a question regarding whether a solution will mean the continuation of the current Republic of Cyprus or a federal solution that removes the TRNC, Akinci said that the Turkish Cypriot founding state and the Greek Cypriot founding state will not be perfect.

Communities, corporations and structures will evolve and change. Something that does not exist cannot appear and something that exists cannot disappear. A simultaneous referendum will be held on both sides leading to the establishment of the founding states and the federal states. Everyone knows that there are two functioning structures in the north and the south of the island and that in the future these will change and adapt. No matter what anyone says the TRNC will evolve into the Turkish Cypriot founding state”, Akinci stated.

He further noted that it was only inevitable that the new federal state to be formed will have to reapply to the European Union and United Nations for membership. He also said that the other factor which is inevitable, is that all agreements made up until now on both sides of the island will continue to be valid as long as they are not against the constitution. Therefore if continuity is in question, this applies to both the Greek Cypriot side and the Turkish Cypriot side.

Emphasising the fact that there will be no superior – subordinate relationship between the Turkish Cypriot founding state and the Greek Cypriot founding state, Akinci noted that with the establishment of the federal governments and the founding states this kind of a relation is out of question. He added that these are the characteristics of a federal structure.

Akinci also pointed out that with the exception of powers written into the constitution of the federal states, the founding states will have full authority. He concluded his statement by saying that during the Cyprus negotiations their aim is to find a federal solution.

Afrika, BRT

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